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Blue Star Electronics was founded by a group of dedicated individuals who came together to build a company founded on the principles of providing quality service and competitive prices for our customers.


Our in-depth understanding of our clients’ industries and technologies allows us to deliver effective solutions that reflect the client’s long-term goals.


Our reputation is based on our marketing principles of:


1) Superior quality                              
2) Competitive prices
3) Prompt and proficient service           

By adhering to the business practices of valuing contracts; keeping promises, developing friendships and building a good reputation, we have formed trusted  business relationships with many clients and partners around the world and our customer base has been expanded to include North America, Europe, and Asia. 


Blue Star Electronics designs, engineers and produces some of the most elegantly conceived products available on the market today.  Each product design has seen several thousand man hours invested into scrutinizing every detail of product form and function.  The end result is a comprehensive line of products of superior quality, performance, durability and reliability.


Blue Star Electronics can offer you our core strength of services, namely, we can help you sourcing out a supplier for products you are trying to bring to market.   


We look forward to establishing a new partnership with you in the near future.


Think globally...     
Think outside the box..

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